Monday, 31 December 2012

The Dog and The Beach

Newly groomed, it was inevitable that Wicket would find the quickest excuse to get mucky again. He had plenty of opportunities on the beach. Mawbray is a fabulous place for a dog walk; a lovely wild stretch of beach with ever changing colours and moods. Considering the time of year, it was relatively mild and the wind was not too biting.

This time last year it was blowing a gale, and bitterly cold. Wicket, at just 3 months old, was quite quickly over the excitement of a new place and looking for a lift in my arms. This time we managed a good hour running around on the beach with Snoopy and he showed no signs of having had enough. Both dogs were reluctant to return to the car.

Snoopy shows off his confidence in jumping small streams. Wicket doesn't.

A beach-eye view of Scotland across the Firth.

Wicket digs a hole to stick his nose into.

The sunset painted a Turner sky.

While the dogs played on.

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