Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Sweet Temptation

I have been coveting these for some time now and until last month, had successfully resisted all temptation to buy. As you can see from below, my will power finally ran out! Something about the Trollbeads appealed to me. I looked at Pandora too but they just felt a bit too mass produced. They didn't appeal so much. Perhaps it is partly to do with Trollbeads being a Danish company - a little connection to my family roots?

I can see that this is a collection that will grow and grow, and at a minimum of £25 a bead, I'm going to be dropping lots of hints around birthday and Christmas time (I usually don't have a response to the question 'What would you like for....?). So here it is: my embryo collection - long may it grow!
Foreground right to left: Troll Tree lock, Milan, Grey Wolf, Florence

Right to left: Milan, Grey Wolf, Florence, OOAK, Mocha, Blue Bud Flower

Centre to left: Blue Desert, White Bubbles, OOAK, Blue Fizz

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